Choi’s Website Debuts: And Dr. No is running on romance and ethics

I thought April Fool’s day was yesterday. 

But Dr. Stephen Choi has a new website for his re-election as an Irvine City Council member and is running on a platform promoting (his) ethics and … romance (It’s Spring afterall).

Irvine continues to boast its status as one of the best places to live in America. Being named as #1 safest city in its category, one of the four most romantic cities in America, one of the 100 best cities in America for young children are not accidental, but are the results of hard work.

The most frustrating, troubling experience that I have faced during my first term was the lack of morals and ethics on the dais and the ‘helplessness’ being on the ethical ‘minority’ side of the Council. No matter how much I yell and shout, my voice reaches no where, and as a result lately landing in the Orange County Superior Court, on behalf of you, Irvine citizens. 

Irvine voters should send someone back to the City Council who admits his voice reaches nowhere.  And while he and Christina Shea did go to court to access resumes from the search for Great Park CEO, they also voted to approve funding the recruiter to conduct the search and they are seeking to have Irvine Taxpayers reimburse them for their court costs associated with the lawsuit against the Great Park Board.  So which is Dr. No?  Wasteful spending by aproving a recruiting and not using their services effectively? Or sticking Irvine taxpayers with your legal bills for a politically motivated lawsuit?

So was it ethical, Dr. Choi, to campaign in front of the Albertson’s on Irvine Blvd in 2004 with a early voting booth just a few hundred feet away?  I’m sure you were legally far enough away, but was that … ethical?  (it’s my market; I watched you do this).

And for someone touting ethics, I will remind Irvine voters that Dr. Choi twice voted against the tough Ethics Ordinance passed by the city council.  It’s kind of like running on the peace platform when you really vote for war. 

Was it ethical to hype a Grand Jury report and call on the Couny BoS to take control of the Great Park even though the City owns the land?

Is it ethical to bicker and complain about the Big Balloon but show up and pass out fundraising letters at the Balloon opening ceremonies?

And let’s not forget all those endorsements of yours of Sheriff Mike Carona. Too bad he didn’t return the favor when Choi announced for AD-71 assembly. 

  2 comments for “Choi’s Website Debuts: And Dr. No is running on romance and ethics

  1. Squirrel
    April 2, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    That “Most Romantic” designation is based on’s analysis of sales data of romance novels, relationship and sex books since Jan. 1, 2008, on a per capita basis in cities with over 100,000 residents.

    Maybe it’s less that Irvine is one of the most romantic American cities and more that Irvine has the highest rate of relationship and sexual dysfunction?

    Just a thought.

  2. just...asking?
    April 2, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    To those of you who have ever had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Choi his web message doesn’t seem too odd.

    The good Dr. is odd, thats about as positive a description of his work as a councilmember that I can think of.

    His dream of a County/Irvine massive library in his image blinded him to the needs of the Library Advisory Board that he chaired last year. The board was ready to dump him when he publicly threatend to “Take Irvines money from the County and go home”.

    When the discussion of Measure M projects was going on, Dr Choi wanted OC to pay for the 5 Freeway in LA County to be widened with our money! This guy just doesn’t get it!

    He’s a very smart man who just doesn’t grasp the role of a councilmember.

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