The “Art of SanTana”

Don’t get excited Don Cribb I am not talking about the Artists Village, but I am talking about the village idiot of the Orange County blogosphere, Art Pedroza.

Each week I am going to explore the outrageous pontifications of Santa Ana’s most ridiculous and over-the-top blogger Art Pedroza of the Orange Juice.  This column will be interactive and I encourage all of our readers to give their take on Art’s outrageous comment of the week, or as I like to call them “Art”isms. 

“Art”ism of the Week:

Miguel Pulido and his cartel hold all the cards in Santa Ana, as they proved with the passage of the very fraudulent Measure D. All we have is this blog, so you will forgive us if at times our poetic license is expired. The only remaining revolution in Santa Ana is this blog (the Orange Juice). Why do you think the cops keep harassing Thomas Gordon and me? They would dearly love to shut us up… 

Black helicopters and grassy knolls are regular ingredients in most of Pedroza’s rants.  He blames most everything that he is not in agreement with on the “Pulido Cabal” or the “Trannies”.  If anyone dares to challenge something that Pedroza says then you are obviously under the control of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido or Assemblyman Van Tran.  It can never be because Pedroza is dead wrong or just flipped his lid.

This weeks “Art”ism and a recent Pedroza post demonstrate just how far over-the-cuckoos nest Pedroza has flown.  Does anyone really think that the Santa Ana Police Department is targeting Art Pedroza and the bloggers on the Orange Juice?  Am I the only one who thinks that this is just a rambling of a crazy man?

The Orange Juice, while entertaining at times, deals mostly in ridiculous allegations and rumors.  Rather than basing his posts on facts Pedroza relies on his so-called “parajitos” for information.  I find these allegations of police harrassment to be off-base and slanderous.  Besmearching the good name of our police officers and of Chief Paul Walters is going too far, even if your name is Art Pedroza.

Do you believe Art or is this just the latest in a long line of slanderous over-the-top lies by Pedroza?  Do city officials really fear the Orange Juice or do they just laugh at its silliness like the rest of us do?  Is the Orange Juice ground zero for the revolution in Santa Ana or is Pedroza just once again having illusions of grandeur? 

Let me know what you think and make sure to look for “Art”isms each week in the Art of SanTana.

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  1. April 1, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Wow, that’s a real doozy from Art. So now the Pulido Cabal is arranging for 24 hour surveillance of everyone on Team OJ? Classic!

    And btw, Sean, did you like Art’s comment on this latest OJ personal attack on us?

    Art commented:

    The way I look at it, our Dem bloggers have a lot more free reign than the Dems at []. Is it true that Gila & Dan won’t let you rip other Dems? Say it ain’t so!

    Actually Art, it ain’t so. I guess he’s conveniently forgotten the many criticism of Democrats top to bottom, from Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi to Don Perata & Fabian Nuñez to Lou Correa & Miguel Pulido. And btw, Sean, weren’t you booted off of Orange Juice for daring to critique a Democrat that Art was liking at the time while defending a Dem that Art didn’t like? Hmmm, so do Art’s OJers only have “free reign” to let it rip on Democrats that Art hates?

  2. April 1, 2008 at 7:21 pm


    My bloggers have free reign to write about whatever they want to write about. Just read the latest posts by Sarah M. Spinosa or Vern Nelson. I have no fetters on them.

    As for Sean, the fact is when I invited him to blog for me NO ONE in the O.C. thought that was a good idea. Most folks thought he was nuts. We gave him a platform and at times he did a great job. I did however draw the line when he inexplicably became a Pulido hack. Pulido and his Cartel have all the cards. There was no way I was going to allow a Pulido hack to blog for me.

    I have nothing against you guys Andrew, but it does appear at times that your blog is all about towing the party line. At the Orange Juice we don’t worry about party lines. That is the big difference between our two blogs. While you guys are the blue counterpart to Red County, we like to think that the Orange Juice more accurately reflects the people of Orange County. This county is neither red or blue. It is Orange.

    Have a nice Sean Mill Day!

  3. April 1, 2008 at 7:34 pm


    You seem to forget, or maybe you just have no clue, but the name of this blog indicates that it is a LIBERAL blog. As for towing a liberal (and sometimes Democratic) party line…

    Yup, we are That’s what we do. We’re LIBERAL, Get over it!

  4. April 1, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I’ve never been told not to write about something, so I’m not quite sure what you are referring to Art. I express myself freely and I am not worried about being booted from the Liberal OC Weekly.

    I’m a proud liberal but I certainly don’t have issue with questioning what liberals may think or do, same with Dems. Not everyone has the same idea of what it even means to be a Democrat, Republican or an “Independent”.

    I tend be suspicious when people have to beat their own drum and endlessly tell me just how much of an independent thinker they are. If you have to keep reminding people than maybe you are not as “independent” as you think you are 🙂

  5. April 1, 2008 at 8:23 pm


    Art has once again demonstrated exactly what I posted here. If you disagree with him you must be a “Pulido hack”. He claims that people thought I was “nuts”, but his nonsensical rants and conspiratorial blogging proves that he is.

    As you know, no one has ever told us what we can or can’t write here at the LiberalOC. However when I attempted to defend myself from a scurilous attack from Pedroza while at the OJ he kicked me off. So he is quite the hypocrite.

    Art has managed to destroy what little credibilty his blog has with his hate filled diatribes against those that he disagrees with.

    As I started in my post, I will chronicle the outlandish behavior and ridiculous comments of Pedroza, aka “Art”isms, each week in my column the “The Art of SanTana”. Trust me, I will never run out of material.

  6. Dan Chmielewski
    April 1, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    Art – It ain’t so. I have no sway over anything any of our bloggers write. Chris and I disgree in print all the time. So the comment that Gila and I won’t let anyone criticize a Dem is wrong. And it would be refreshing if you could admit that every once in a while

  7. Jubal
    April 1, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    we like to think that the Orange Juice more accurately reflects the people of Orange County.

    If that’s the case, this county is gonna have to build a king-size looney bin.

  8. Dan Chmielewski
    April 2, 2008 at 8:12 am

    I can’t believe I am about to say this, but Matt, *I agree with you*

  9. Mighty Mouse
    April 2, 2008 at 9:38 am

    I have often thought, as I drive through Santa Ana, that Thomas Gordon and Art Pedroza are stalking me. I can’t seem to avoid seeing their faces in the crowd and hearing their voices in my head. Then I realize that my tin foil hat is askew, I readjust it and the monsters in my closet disappear.

  10. just...asking?
    April 2, 2008 at 4:48 pm


    You really should think about editing SMS’s writings, haven’t you noticed how much she writes and how little real dialogue it generates?

    Reading Vern and SMS go back and forth is quite fogettable. If the two want to talk pick up the phone already, don’t think it adds any edge to the Juice. Use to enjoy the reads so much, too bad.

    p.s. I do find Vern’s writings a good addition of viewpoints…

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