When you’ve got the $$$ spend it!

From the Los Angeles Times

Supervisor’s expenses are questioned

In O.C., Norby’s use of campaign funds to pay unexplained charges raises scrutiny. He says he follows the law.

By Christian Berthelsen
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, who earlier this month admitted using political contributions to pay for a hotel stay during a spat with his wife, spent nearly $8,000 from his campaign account in the last months of 2007 on unexplained charges, campaign finance records show.

The spending, which included more than $1,300 in payments to himself, occurred during a period when Norby moved out of his home because of marital problems and was living in a hotel and, briefly, his office in the county Hall of Administration in Santa Ana.

Norby recently acknowledged that a $340 hotel charge — labeled a “study of homeless and hotel families” on his campaign committee report — was a weeklong stay for himself. He repaid the money to his campaign account when asked about it by The Times.

His unexplained charges labeled as office and meeting expenses were far larger than those of his four colleagues on the Board of Supervisors during the same period. They were also roughly three times as much as he spent for the same kinds of expenses in the same period a year earlier, the records show. Read the entire story HERE.

Not that I want to give Norby a break or anything, but… My guess, this looks worse than it is. 

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  1. March 31, 2008 at 10:09 am

    This story really makes me sad.

    It is true that I rarely agree with Norby’s politics, but I have always felt that he was very fair and honest. Now that’s all been flushed.

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