New York Times Magazine: GOP in Trouble

Sometimes, living in the OC, you tend to forget there are other parts of the country where a left or center-left position dominates.  This story in yesterday’s NY Times Magazine was a little eye-opening.

I missed Bill Maher’s show Friday night, but caught a reply last night.  Reporter/columnist Dan Savage interviewed couples where one half the couple supports Hillary and the other supports Obama.  Then he posed the question, if the choice comes down to John McCain or Hillary (if you’re an Obama supporter) or John McCain and Obama (if you’re a Hillary supporter), the consensus was “anybody but John McCain.  The money quote from an older gentleman, “Drag someone off the street and I’ll vote for him instead of another eight years of…”

So let the Republicans point to the continued debate for the Democratic nomination and suggest that our party won’t be unified come November.  I believe they will be proven wrong.