From the Floor of the CA Dem Convention

Well, I’m sitting here waiting to see what happens with the Leno/Migden Senate endorsement battle. Yesterday Carole Migden won the caucus endorsement (55%) due to manipulation by Senate President Pro-tempore Don Perata. Don pressured Senate Dems to appoint their assigned convention delegates to people who live in the 3rd Senate District so that they could vote for Migden. After the caucus, Leno supporters gathered more than 600 signatures (only needed 300) to force a vote on the floor for the party to issue no endorsement.

The battle should play out shortly.  Then Bill Clinton should be speaking later this am. Best bet to view that will be through the CA Dem Party live webcast.

The party platform was just approved on the floor. It should be up on the party website shortly.

The resolutions have been approved as well.  Those are also going to be up on the party site as well, if not already.

The Leno/Migden vote will occur in a couple minutes.  Currently there is a vote on the 40th Assembly District endorsement that will be followed by the “Main reason for the Convention?” Leno/Migden.

Whoever thinks that Democracy is not a difficult process should be here. The voice vote on the 40th was indecisive, the card showing was too close to call, now they are hand counting the delegate cards. This is fun 🙂

The decision of the 40th caucus was vacated.  Torres is explaining the rules. Now they’re doing Senate District 3.

We’ve got the arguments for and against going on. While this happens the supporters of Leno and Migden are roaming the aisles holding up their signs.

Voice vote was indecisive, though I think the no votes were louder. All voting delegates are being asked to take their seats to have the cards counted.

Presuming the motion to ratify fails there will be a vote for no endorsement in both contests.

They’re counting the no votes, but is clearly a huge vote to overturn the caucus decision. Big blow to Don Perata :).

Torres has announced the motion to ratify the SD03 vote failed. 298 yes to 742 no.

Some moron made a motion to endorse Leno.  We’re gonna be here all day.

The motion to endorse Leno needs 75% of those present and voting, it fails 591 to 388.

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  1. March 30, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Kudos to new Orange Juice blogger Vern Nelson for winning the “Volunteer of the Year” Award at the Democratic Convention in San Jose.

  2. demmother
    March 30, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Glad of no endorsement. I had to catch an early flight (unless I wanted to stay til 9pm. Can’t wait til Perata is gone. That guy has done more damage than should be allowed for. Mark Leno is a great lawmaker and a friend to all.

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