And they make fun of Al Gore claiming to have invented the Internet…

In a mouth-dropping response to this Orange Punch post about State Rep. Chuck DeVore’s bill to provide preferential parking for pregnant women in their third trimester, Chuck makes a startling claim.

Orange Punch blogger accused DeVore’s bill of being that of the “Nanny State” variety DeVore so often rails against, and points out that  obstetricians oppose the legislation because its good for pregnant women to walk and good for the child they carry (it’s also good for them to have a jar of pickles in their purse that they can drop in case their water breaks in public, but I digress…).

More on Chuck’s starting claim after the flip.

Chuck offers the first response, while denying the bill is akin to a Nanny-state law: 

 “Mark, you’re missing the point about the Nanny State — a term I helped to coin and bring into common use…”


Any Noam Chomsky reader knows Mr. Chomsky regularly uses that term when referring to the protectionists policies of Republican administrations.  And Chomsky has ben using this phrase for years.  Actually, Iain MacLeod, a conservative member of the British Parliament used the phrase in a 1965 column published in “The Spectator.”  Chuck was a toddler.

Actualy, I will give Chuck credit for coming up with the term “effing” as in “I’m effing Matt Damon,” or “I’m effing Ben Affleck” or “I’m effing with the Democrats who are enviros or want jobs.”

And incidentially, Vint Cerf, the creator of the underlying technology behind the World Wide Web has stated repeatedly that Al Gore’s contributions of federal funding for R&D on the Internet makes him a legitimate “father of the Internet.”  Which is more than I can say for Chuck’s “Nanny State” claim.