Spitzer Resigns

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer just made it official and resigned his office effective Monday, March 17th.  While I have no doubt that many folks will rejoice at this news it saddens me deeply.  I had a tremendous faith in Mr. Spitzer, so much so that I wrote his campaign a check when he was running for Governor of New York.  I saw Spitzer as one of the good guys and someone who was gonna clean up the corrupt world of politics.

Well it turns out I got it wrong.  Mr. Spitzer is human and he is fallible.  I am not saddened because Eliot Spitzer resgned, I am saddened because this is yet another reality check that politics is a dirty game and politicians aren’t who they claim to be.  I guess as street smart as we all see ourselves in reality we can all be a bit naive.  Mr. Spitzer played on that naivity and for that I am angry and sad.