Dem Wins Indiana Special Election

Indianapolis City Councilman Andre Carson, a Democrat, won tonights special election for Indiana’s 7th Congressional District.  Carson defeated Republican Jon Elrod by garnering 54% of the vote to Elrod’s 43%.  Libertarian Sean Shepard was also on the ballot and received 2% of the votes.

Carson will be replacing his grandmother the late Rep. Julia Carson (D) who passed away in December after serving the 7th District for nearly six terms.  Ms. Carson was a legend in Indiana politics.   She was the first black and first woman to represent Indianapolis in Congress.

Carson’s victory was also significant because he becomes the second Muslim to ever be elected to Congress in U.S. history.  The first and only other Muslim member of the U.S. Congress is Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, also a Democrat, who was elected in November of 2006.