Shawn Steel Equates Hate Crimes with Divisions in Democratic Party

The Flash Report’s Shawn Steel has a post today that stretches the imagination that violence between Blacks and Latinos has its roots in the Democratic Party Presidential race.

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My comments are in bold; Shawn writes: “These hate crimes help explain the growing division in the national Democrat Party. The Democrats since Tammany Hall have always embraced “identity politics” (we have?). That is, voting for a person because of his skin color and/or his ethnicity. This creates a never ending American balkanization which tears as the fabric of American unity.

So, it should not surprise to Mr. Obama that Latinos were the primary reason for his loss in Texas (I thought it was Rush Limbaugh). Most reports show that Latinos voted for Clinton by a 2/3 ratio. The same ratio was true in California’s primary (but not in New Mexico, or Arizona, heck John McCain didn’t get the majority of conservatve voters in Arizona). Sadly, some reporters pondered why many Latinos reflexively vote against a black person. At the same time, Obama will win Mississippi next week, because more than half the democrats are black. Obama is getting between 83 to 87% of the “black” vote.

This racial polarization is not good for American nor is it good for the Democrats. (Neither is the anti-Gay polarizaton pushed by Republicans)

The seeds of racial polarization come direct from Democrat Identity Politics. That their caucuses must have “affirmative action” racial percentages. Naturally, this led to literal street fighting between black and Latinos in Texas caucuses, last Tuesday evening.

The animus between Latinos and blacks may endure for years in the Democrat party.”

So Mr. Steel, when the Republicans launch wedge issues of placing anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballot, does that not balkanize the American electorate. Its not racist bigotry but bigotry nonetheless, is it not? There was a time when a caucasian could not marry someone who was black; I’m not sure if that rule ever applied to caucasians marrying Latino/as or Asians, but to say that Democrats practice divisive politics while ignoring the rich history Republicans have on the matter just tells me Mr. Steel has no respect for the intelligence of his readers.

Stels assumption is just plain dumb/my comments in bold: Should Obama win the nomination many Latinos will defect (to what, the GOP?). The same is true for Clinton should she win; blacks will stay at home in historic numbers. (only if GOP governors in the South give them fewer voting machines than white districts)

Oddly enough, Steel doesn’t go after women for voting for Hillary. The truth is, America wants change. John McCain represents more of George W. Bush’ policies. Senator Obama raised $55 million in Februarty; Hillary raised more than $25 milion. John McCain, he raised about $12 million.