Take Back Your Neighborhood for Democrats This Year!

Would you like to do something to help Democrats win this year? Would you like to help grow the Democratic Party here in California? Would you like to contribute to a long-term strategy for progressive victory?

Great, then why not sign up to be a neighborhood leader? But wait, you haven’t ever heard of a neighborhood leader? Follow me after the flip to find out more…

Here’s a letter I just received from Crystal Strait at the California Democratic Party:

Dear Andrew,

Let me cut to the chase.

We know that the most effective way to get our Democratic message out to the voters in this critically important election year is by friends talking to friends, neighbors talking to neighbors.

Our Party Chairman Art Torres has said, “I am proud of the work of our Democratic activists across the state and I know we’ve laid the foundation for even greater Democratic victories in 2008, including delivering California to our Democratic candidate for President.”

That’s why the California Democratic Party is proud to be joining with Gov. Howard Dean and the DNC to implement the Neighborhood Leader program in California.

And that’s why we’re asking you to step up and become a Neighborhood Leader.

This year each Neighborhood Leader will be talking to 25 friends and neighbors about our Democratic candidates and the vital need for change in 2008. It’s just that simple.

Please join our Neighborhood Leader program today and make the commitment that you will talk to 25 voters three times between now and November 4. We’ll provide you with all the materials and information that you need.

Gov. Howard Dean has been consistent in this call that “Election by election, state by state, precinct by precint, door by door, vote by vote…we’re going to lift our Party up and take this country back for the people who built it.”

Our field program in 2008 will be built around YOU. Only you can determine the victories Democrats have up and down the ticket.

The enitre program is being constructed around conversations that you have. Not TV, not glossy mail pieces, but the power of your words. As community activists and labor organizers have known for years, one-on-one personal contact is more persuasive than all other forms of communication.

Your voice in this election will determine whether or not we provide children with health care, improve family wages, and rebuild our standing in the world with a stronger and smarter foreign policy.

So today I’m asking you to help put the country back on the right track by becoming a Neighborhood Leader.

To participate, just sign up online at www.cadem.org/neighborhoodleader, and our Neighborhood Leader organizers will contact you and provide you with all the information and materials that you’ll need. If we’re going to take back our country, this is how it will be done: 25 people at a time.


Crystal Strait
Political Director
California Democratic Party

P.S. For extra bonus points, get two of your friends to join the program as Neighborhood Leaders. Gov. Dean and the DNC plan to have 1 million Neighborhood Leaders nationwide by Election Day. Think of that! 25 million people around America hearing our Democratic message first-hand, from people they know and respect.