Ware Update: Munoz Apologizes…But To Whom???

Judy Ware’s attorney Patrick Muñoz has apologized for his insensitive remarks about the Logan Neighborhood according to an article on the Orange County Register website. Muñoz, a partner with Rutan and Tucker, issued a statement to the media in which he appears to apologize for referring to the Logan Neighborhood as “crummy little houses”.

“I recognize there are many people in the Logan neighborhood who have made a real effort to keep their homes at a high standard,” Muñoz said in a prepared statement issued this week. “I did not mean to offend these homeowners and apologize if I did.”

I spoke with the leaders of the Logan Neighborhood Association Joe Andrade and Sam Romero earlier today and neither of them received the apology from Muñoz.  The first that either man had heard of an apology came when I spoke to them this morning.  While I commend Muñoz for finally stepping up and taking responsibility for his actions and somewhat apologizing, I am still disappointed that he chose to do so in a press release rather than personally to the folks of Logan.

I attempted to contact Rutan and Tucker’s marketing person Jessica Blanche to get a copy of the statement issued by Muñoz on Rutan and Tucker letterhead but as of yet I have not heard back from Ms. Blanche.  The folks in Logan are also interested in getting a copy of the statement as well.  If you are interested in seeing the “official” statement I encourage you to call Ms. Blanche at (714) 338-1875 and ask her for a copy.

It is clear from his statement that Muñoz is not sorry for what he said and that he is only sorry if he “offended” anyone.  This is however a start.  Now if only Muñoz could get his client to comply with the laws and stop destroying the Logan Neighborhood.

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  1. William Spurgeon
    February 26, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    “Muñoz said in a prepared statement issued to the media this week.”

    A gentleman would have offered the apology directly to those he offended.

    The statement might have been ordered to be prepared by the partners in the law firm who were tired of the bad publicity.

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