Irvine Tattler

The other blogs are posting articles about the Irvine Tattler set up by self-proclaimed “Former Friend of Larry” Steve Smith, a former Agran staffer. 

The stories are re-treds of previously reported stuff; Earl Zucht was a stleath candidate which is why Beth Krom won in 2004 (but no explanation for her landslide win in 2006); the Great Park board was set to hire Kurt Haunfelder, an Agran “close friend” for CEO when anyone who watched the meeting on video knows that Larry was friend’s with Kurt’s late twin brother who passed away 20 years ago.  Larry and Kurt know each other but to characterize them as friends is a stretch.

Smith discloses he quit Agran’s staff due to a “dirty political trick” pulled by Agran against Christina Shea and her daughter without disclosing the trick or the circumstances.  As if the voice mails from Shea exposed by the late Dave Christiansen weren’t enough explanation. 

The Tattler is effectively an online version of the Irvine Chronicle.  So if the tabloid charges against Agran and company are true, there’d be some sort of newspaper investigation or DA investigation, wouldn’t there?