Become a Dem Party Central Committee Member

The following is a message from California Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Art Torres (Ret.).

Dear Supporter,

My mother has often said, “If you want something to get done, you have to be ready to do it yourself.”

I think that’s great advice (and it’s not just because I loved my mother).

In 2008, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Today, you have the opportunity to stand up and take on a more active role in the Democratic Party in your community. Please read more about your County Central Committee and consider running to become a member.

The clock is ticking, though. The deadline to become a candidate is March 7.

All of us have things that we would like to see our government and our party accomplish. But sometimes it’s not enough to want good things to happen. We need to be ready to MAKE them happen ourselves. 

Over the years, the Democratic Party has relied on the participation of committed Democrats in each county to conduct voter outreach and to build and invigorate the party. Your local Democratic Party is only as strong as its members; so if you want to join with other active, hard-working Democrats and take on a bigger role in your community, here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves and get involved!

We’ve put together a FAQ page to explain more fully how you can take action. Please take a moment now to check it out because the March 7 deadline to file is quickly approaching.

The California Democratic Party can be a powerful vehicle for change, but it works at its best when we are all working together. As Chairman of the California Democratic Party, I want to invite you to join together with us as we tackle the important challenges that lie ahead.


Sen. Art Torres (Ret.)