Shut Up, Don’t Sing

When conservative pundits try music or comedy, the results are almost never good.

Our friend Matt Cunnigham made a funny on Red County yesterday.  Matt wrote: 

Fidel Castro has resigned as dictator of Cuba.

Which means he’s available as a compromise candidate should the Democratic convention deadlock between Hillary and Obama.

After all, the old Commie was a pioneer of the Democratic party’s philosopher’s stone: universal health care. I’m sure Michael Moore would be happy to produce a hagiographic bio-video to warm up the delegates before Fidel’s 5-hour acceptance harangue.

I know, I couldn’t stop laughing, a-hem, either. 

And if you think that was bad, click here; Michelle Malkin sings (warning:  Yoko Ono can hold a tune better).


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  1. RHackett
    February 20, 2008 at 8:33 pm


    Listened to Michelle for about a minute. I’ve heard cats f___ with better harmony.

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