Ware Update: Road Trip To Dana Point Tonight

In the ongoing struggle against Ware Disposal and their destruction of the Logan Neighborhood myself and others are taking a road trip to Dana Point tonight to address the Dana Point City Council and their City Attorney Patrick “The Finger” Munoz.  Besides serving as Dana Point’s City Attorney, Mr. Munoz is a partner with the law firm of Rutan and Tucker and serves as counsel to Judy Ware and Ware Disposal.

You may recall that at a February 4th neeting at Santa Ana City Hall Mr. Munoz referred to the Logan Neighborhood as “crummy little houses” and opined that they should all be bulldozed.  When confronted by others at the meeting about his outrageous comments Munoz responded with his middle finger and “FUC* YOU!!!”.  This type of attitude and behavior will not be accepted by those of us that care about the Logan Neighborhood and it should not be tolerated by the Mayor, City Council and residents of Dana Point.

Logan is the oldest residential neighborhood in Santa Ana and many of its current residents can trace their roots back to 1886.  The deserve better than they have been getting from the likes of Judy Ware and Patrick “The Finger” Munoz.  I urge you all to join myself, Orange Juice blogger Thomas Gordon, James from The Sunken Road blog, Joe Andrade and Sam Romero from the Logan Neighborhood Association and others at the Dana Point meeting.

What:  Dana Point City Council Meeting

When:  Tonight at 6PM

Where:  33282 Golden Lantern #210, Dana Point

Why:  To address Dana Point City Officials over “crummy little houses” remark by Patrick Munoz

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  1. that was a good little trip
    February 19, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks to the Chican@s Unidos faction for showing up too. Thanks Sean, Thomas. Good to see ya. I wrote a shortish piece about it and just posted it: http://thesunkenroad.livejournal.com/16639.html


  2. A
    February 19, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Good job you guys. I wonder if we can keep the pressure on Patrick Munoz. Can we complain to the State Bar of California? Mr. Munoz was acting in his official capacity as attorney for Ware Disposal when he made those disparaging comments as well as giving the finger. Those actions are very unprofessional and should be brought to the attention of the California State Bar.

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