“A Politically Motivated Recall”

OK, it’s not Orange County now except for the Flash Report connection, burt at least TheLiberalOC.com is in no danger of becoming “The Apple Juice,” with all those New York stories on Art’s blog.

But Jon Fleischman reports that the Governor has come out against the possible recall of State Senator Jeff Denham.

Jon writes that the recall effort, spurred by Senate President Perata, is “outrageous and politically motivated recall drive to remove Republican State Senator Jeff Denham from office.”

Really!  Somewhere, Gray Davis is laughing his ass off at the irony of Jon’s comments and the Governor’s objection to the recall.  And the Davis recall wasn’t politically motivated?  Aren’t all recalls politically motivated? 

With Arnold’s track record lately, send Senator Denham some boxes so he can pack quickly.

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  1. RHackett
    February 20, 2008 at 9:01 am

    I only hope this happens for one reason. So I can start referring to Denham as the “disgraced Senator Jeff Denham” as Jon so lovingly refers to Gray Davis.

    I am still waiting for Jon to prove he’s not a complete shill and start discussing the ongoings with the “disgraced Sheriff Mike Carona.” Either he knows a whole lot more than he lets on, or he is a really poor judge of character. Given how he would personally vouch for the disgraced Sheriff Mike Carona’s honor.

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