Trust Issues

Termed out State Rep. Todd Spitzer really needs to evaluate the content of his letters to the editor. In today’s Register, Spitzer challenges Cal Fire Director Ruben Grijalva‘s advocacy of a new 1.25 percent fire fee.

Todd writes: As you may recall, Ruben Grijalva was responsible for reporting the facts to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the aerial firefighting efforts during the October 2007 wildfires. It was widely reported that Grijalva misled Schwarzenegger. On day four of the fires, when Governor Schwarzenegger held a news conference at El Toro High School, he blamed the wind; his top adviser had defended that wind, not a lack of spotters, was to blame for the absence of air support in Orange County.

Without getting into Rep. Spitzer’s well-documented positions on Fire vs. Law Enforcement, let me instead focus on this concept:    
Director Grijalva has misled the governor before and now he is trying to mislead us again. He blamed wind for grounded planes and now he’s advocating for what is essentially a property tax without a vote of the people. Why should we believe anything he says?

So, if an official misleads political leaders or voters, why should we believe anything they say?

I agree. Mike Carona said he’s run for two terms. He ran for three. Carona called Haidl and George J. “his guys” but now, through Mike Schroeder, they are liars. Dana Rohrabacher was supposed to only run for three terms. Ahem. The governor was going to blow up the boxes in Sacramento. Did he? Rep. John Campbell is a champion against congressional earmarks despite having voted in lockstep with the Republican majority on earmarks prior to 2007. George W. Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was an imminent threat to the US. And Todd himself wrote a short while ago that he had called for Mike Carona to resign despite no one having any documentation that he had done so.

Are these non-sequiters? Only if you’re conservative.

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  1. RHackett
    February 17, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Todd campaigned against a measure that would have increased fire protection and not raised taxes. Now he’s opposed to raising a tax that would increase fire protection.

    The behavior by conservatives in this county has almost been schizophrenic.

  2. just...asking?
    February 17, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    First they line up to take phot opp’s in front of new Fire Authority complex, then they rush to call it a Taj Mahal for political purposes. Now Spitzer wants to rewrite history to fit his latest burr. Had electeds like Spitzer gotten behind the appropriate sharing of prop 172 monies OC could afford to have tankers at the ready for wildfires.

    Glad he’s termed out and we won’t have to listen desperate pleas for attention.

  3. Paul Lucas
    February 17, 2008 at 8:59 pm

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    Paul Lucas

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