Conservative Republican Burton Embarasses Indiana….Again

If you had the opportunity to watch any of the Roger Clemens hearing before Congress yesterday one thing is for certain, that is nothing is for certain. Well let me correct that, one thing is for certain, Congressman Dan Burton is a bufoon and an embarassment to the voters of Indiana’s 5th District. What I meant to say is that Burton continues to be an embarassment to the folks of Indiana and they should be ashamed of themselves for continually electing him.

Burton was one of the most vicious attackers of President Bill Clinton continually railing against Clinton for a lack of morality. However despite the fact that he portrays himself as a “family values” conservative, and is the darling of James Dobson and the Family Research Council, in 1983 Burton, while married to his first wife, fathered a child out of wedlock to a staffer. Burton is also known to be quite a womanizer and was reportedly known as “the biggest skirt-chaser in the Indiana legislature” during his time there.

During yesterdays hearing Burton embarassingly gushed over Roger Clemens and attacked Clemens accuser Brian McNamee relentlessly. “Roger Clemens is a baseball titan. You(McNamee), with all these lies that they’re not true, are destroying him and his reputation.”, said Burton. I am shocked that Burton did not show up to the hearing wearing a Clemens jersey. I’d also be shocked if Clemens didn’t have to have Burton’s lips surgically removed from his backside after the hearing was over.

Burton went on to say, “You know, Roger Clemens, unless it’s proven that he used steroids, and so far, I haven’t seen anything like — if he did, he ought to be held accountable — but Roger Clemens is a baseball — he’s a titan in baseball.”

I guess all the sworn testimony, affadavits and physical evidence that McNamee provided wasn’t evidence enough for Burton. However after watching the conservative cult classic The Clinton Chronicles he was ready to convict the Clinton’s for Vince Foster’s murder. Crazy Burton went as far as re-enacting the “murder” in the backyard of his home and using his own gun.

Burton is much more than a Clemens ass-kisser, immoral hypocritical womanizer and a conspiracy theorist. He is a “lobbyist junket” taking sleezeball. When a measure banning members of Congress from taking gifts and free trips from lobbyists came to a vote in the House it passed 430-1. The sole vote against it was Dan Burton.

The Clemens hearing is just the latest idiotic escapade for the conservative darling Burton. When are the people of Indiana’s 5th District and the Republican party in general going to wake up and stop sending such hypocritical kooks to Washington? We can only hope that it will be sooner rather than later.