Canada Discovers Mexico

…or at least SantAna.

I was sick on Election Day and was reduced to enjoying the local goings-on vicariously through the blogs, where I saw Gustavo Arellano’s “Five Latinos Who Voted for a Black Man” post on the OCWeekly’s Navel Gazing blog. Until re-reading it today, though, I didn’t notice Gustavo’s reference to the Canadian Broadcasting Centre’s recent discovery of Mexico, via SantAna.

Early in the piece the reporter remarks “there are a lot of misconceptions aboot” the American Latino community, and goes on to discuss the 80% Hispanic city of Santa Ana, California. They then visit the Arellano family — failing to note that they live in Anaheim. But if you’ve seen one Orange County city you’ve seen them all, eh?

Also shown are the Obama headquarters in Santa Ana, where there’s a short interview with local Obama campaign volunteer Giovanii Jorquera, the inside of the Weekly’s office (which I somehow pictured as much more chaotic and poorly lit), and a couple of LA locations.

Not a single mention of the Reconquista, which I figure means either a) the reconquistadores took off for Black History Month, b) the Canadians are in on it, or c) it’s already over.

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  1. The Lovable Curmudgeon
    February 10, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    It’s never dawned on me that the Canucks might be in on the Reconquista. It all makes sense to me now, Gila. But it might already be over with some help from our friends in Canadialand.

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