Romney’s Out; CNN reports Flip Flopper Suspends Campign (with an Update)

Read it and weep.

The conservative flip-flopper’s only hope is that the 72 year old McCain somehow croaks in the middle of the campaign.

Does this mean Hugh Hewitt’s book, “A Mormon in the White House” hits the remainder’s rack at Barnes & Noble, with the rest of his other books?

An Update after the jump:

Jill Buck’s Flash Report posting on Romney’s exit included these lines:

Governor Romney gave us all our marching orders…it’s time to come together to ensure that we win the White House. He outlined his belief that a Clinton or Obama presidency would mean defeat in the war against radical jihadists, and we cannot allow that to happen.

Really Jill?  I’d say in the war with radical jihadists, Republicans have so undermined American values that we are now told by our president that waterboarding (torture) is legal, that our phone calls and Internet messages and email are monitored, and that we render POWs to nations that have no restrictions on torture.  Due Process is out the window and despite offering $25 million as a bounty on Osama bin Laden, we can’t find him to bring him to justice.  Jill, Jill, Jill….all you have to sell is fear.  Where’s the optimism of Ronald Reagan?  Where are your parties ideas?  Does it bother you that Hillary Clinton actually scored more votes than John McCain in Orange County of all places?  And it wasn’t even close. 

And while Hugh Hewitt will bloviate today about what a great conservative Mitt Romney is, please see this link of his greatest flip flops.

Jill, the vast majority of Americans want us out of Iraq.  They are concerned about the economy.  They are concerned about healthcare.  They are concerned about the mess that conservatives have left us in.  And Liberals don’t have to do anything to go after John McCain just yet because the conservative wing of your party is doing a fine job all by themselves.

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  1. Guy
    February 7, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    What will Rush Limbaugh and The Lincoln Club Do Now?
    Perhaps they should call the whambulance at 1800 waa-waa-waa

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