Champion Ducks visit Lame Duck

THE PRESIDENT: Welcome to the White House. We’re glad you’re here. Like, have you noticed a lot of security around here? It’s because the Vice President heard there were some Ducks around. (Laughter and applause.)

These Ducks are awfully mighty. It’s such an honor to welcome you. I love welcoming champs to the White House. And these are clearly great champs. You know, the playoffs have got to be tough at that time of year, after you’ve played so long, and your legs are a little tired — except you romped through the playoffs. I don’t know if many Americans understand that, but this team went 16-5 through the first four rounds; became the first West Coast team in the NHL to win the Stanley Cup. And that’s a big deal. (Applause.)

And so it’s my honor to welcome you to the White House. Glad you’re here. I do want to welcome the owner, Henry Samueli. Appreciate you coming. Thanks for bringing the girls. I had the privilege of being in pro sports as a baseball owner. I never had the chance to come to the White House as a baseball owner. (Laughter.) I had a little trouble on the division crowns as a baseball owner. (Laughter.) But I understand what a joy it must be to represent an ownership group, to watch a team you care about win the Stanley Cup, and win any championship. So we’re glad you came. Thanks for coming, Henry.

Michael Schulman, who is the CEO — I’m glad you’re here, Mike. Brian Burke, the General Manager. I really want to say something about Randy Carlyle, the head coach. It’s got to be hard to be a head coach of such great athletes. I don’t know if you’re ever in the newspaper? Yeah. I know how you feel. (Laughter.) But I’m proud to have you here.

Scott Niedermayer is the MVP; I tend not to try to single out a player, but nevertheless, when you have an MVP in your midst, I’m proud to recognize you, glad you’re here. I do want to welcome the Commissioner. Mr. Commissioner, thanks for coming. This isn’t the first time we’ve been together like this — it will probably be the last like this. (Laughter.) But I know you’ll keep coming back to the White House to promote the champs in a sport you love.

I want to thank the mayor of Anaheim, my friend, Curt Pringle. Thanks for coming, Mr. Mayor. It must be a big deal when the Ducks win the Stanley Cup for the people of Anaheim, and I’m honored that you’re here. I also want to welcome Congressman Eddy Royce. Ed, thanks for coming, appreciate you being here. Of course, we welcome all the players, all the personnel, all the fans.