Election Day Mid-Afternoon Report

Well, we’ve just passed the midpoint of voting hours and things seem to be running pretty smoothly throughout OC.

I’ve heard a few reports of polling places opening late or not having the appropriate supplies right at 7 am, but it seems most problems were resolved early in the day.

The major confusion this time seems to be the willingness of poll workers to allow Decline to State (“Independent”) voters a ballot for presidential candidates. They should be given either a Democratic or American Independent ballot upon request. Finding well-trained people who are capable of problem-solving is an issue every election.

I dropped off my mailed ballot at my polling place where turnout was pretty low at noontime. Rather than hand it to someone and drop it into a box as in years past, one of the workers accepted it from me, made sure it was properly completed, and eyed me suspiciously as he placed it aside. I did not see the large box with an opening for deposits. I counted 8 machines at the poll, up from 3 or 4 in years past. But I think this location serves an additional precinct this election.

Don’t forget to TAKE YOUR KIDS TO VOTE with you. Demonstrating the importance of voting is one of your duties as a parent. And we all know kids learn by example.

Tell us about your voting experience. If you see any irregularities at your poll, report them immediately to the Registrar of Voters at 714-567-7600.

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  1. February 5, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Take Your Kids to Vote is such good advice! One of my earliest memories is of going to vote with my parents.

    When my kids were little my dad was an inspector at a nearby polling place. This was back in the day of the card punch machines, of course. I would take my kids and their friends to the place my dad was working. The poll workers were always happy to give them paper “demonstration ballots” to punch and they seriously punched out every single hole with great pride.

    My older son follows politics avidly and would have been a good voter with or without these lessons, but my younger son is not much of a politico and I think the examples DID influence him.

  2. Paul Lucas
    February 5, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Ed, Should I use that number to the ROV to inform them that the poll worker did not place your ballot into a secure box for collection and transport to the ROV?

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