A 2-4-1 Deal

I’m very sorry to drag you all back kicking and screaming to Orange County topics, but after all this is The Liberal OC, right? Right?

The 241 tollroad extension really is a great 2 for 1 deal. Not only has it inspired the politically lazy surfing community to get up off its baggies, it’s also made this traditionally Republican constituency so aggro they’re re-registering as Democrats! Full on!

The OC Register’s Beach Blog has a lively discussion about the February 6 meeting of the Coastal Commission, which has now been moved to the Del Mar Fairgrounds (!) in order to accommodate a cruncher of participants who want to talk about the extension of the 241 to San-O.

Don’t forget to vote in the gnarlatious poll that asks, “What do you think of the proposed toll road?”