Thinking Liberally, Where have all the ADULTS gone?

Where have all the ADULTS gone?

It is starting to look like the adults in government have left the playground and the children remaining have run amok. Whether it’s Moorlach, Carona, Street, Mauk, or the Santa Ana City Council, these kids are out of control.

We’ve got Board of Supervisors Chairman John Moolach and his mini me Mario Mainero demonstrating, with the full agreement of the Board of Supervisors how to gamble away a fortune in hopeless dreams of saving the house.  That’s right, Mainaro told the register’s Peggy Lowe; If you had the ability to make $200 from an investment of $1.50, wouldn’t you take that? So the legal rationale for the pipe dream of erasing debt by screwing over Deputy Sheriff’s is the same rationale a gambling addict uses to continue gambling until he loses his house.  Where have all the adults gone?

We have our former Sheriff Mike Carona accused of using the influence of his office for personal gain retiring in order to fight the charges.  This of course after the very public downfall of his two former assistants and top aides Haidl and Jaramillo.  The Board has let slide the appointment of the Sheriff’s Carony Jack Anderson as his temporary successor. He has been caught campaigning in uniform for the full time job even before he had the interim appointment. Where have all the adults gone?

We have Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street spending almost $1 million to  remodel his office, more than $300,000 in tiny little contracts to avoid competitive biding rules while also, under the supervision of County Audit and Investment Committees, makes investments of hundreds of millions of dollars so risky that no other government entity will touch them. Where have all the adults gone?

We have Tom Mauk spending at least $36,800 off the books of Supervisor Nguyen’s office budget; to provide her with additional staff support paid for on the back of the cash strapped Health Care Agency.  Of special mention, all of this was accomplished without a single piece of paperwork authorizing the expenditure.  At least that’s what Mauk says. Where have all the adults gone?

And today we have the City of Santa Ana Junta, led by Papi Pullido, considering the removal of yet another blogger, this time theLiberalOC’s Sean Mill, from city commission.  These kids simply do not play well with others.  This of course is all due to the collapse of hand shake and back slap deals made to assure the appointment of Vince Sarmiento the replace Assemblyman Jose Solorio on the City Council.  Once that transaction was sealed, all hell broke loose.  Where have all the adults gone.

Can someone please appoint a County of Orange Babysitter to keep these children from causing even more trouble?