Choi Drops from AD-71 Assembly Race; Will Run for Irvine City Council Re-election

I was actually happy with Steve Choi threw his hate in the ring to run for assembly.  But with endorsements and money piling up for his appointments, he did the sensible thing and dropped out/HT to Red County on this:

“This is a personally difficult decision,” said Dr. Choi.  “I have enjoyed working with the people of the Seventy-first district very much but the seriousness of what is taking place in the city I already represent made me realize that I need to devote 100 percent of my time there.

“I am so thankful for all the officials and citizens that supported me during this race,” continued Dr. Choi.  “I believe they will embrace my decision to follow my true conservative core of promoting good government and what is going on in Irvine is far from ‘good government’ – I am vowing not to rest until we weed out the corruptive influences in Irvine City Hall.” 

Excuse me, but how is promoting good government simply a conservative notion; liberals promote good government too.  And Choi votes time and again against good government issues in Irvine.  A NO vote on the city’s tough ethics ordinance is one example. 

Dr. Choi’s last comment shows how out of touch he is with the typical Irvine resident.  Life is pretty damn good here.  Home values remain high, the schools kick butt, and we have a low crime rate.  The local economy is strong.  Mayor Beth Krom is scheduled to give the State of the City address tonight and perhaps Dr. Choi should pay attention. He might learn something.

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  1. just...asking?
    January 23, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Steven Choi voted as a Sanitation District Director to give himself a 25% raise to $212.15 per meeting. Mind you these meetings usually run about 45 minutes and also include a dinner and mileage allowance.

    On the OC Library Board he threatened to “take Irvines money and go home”, when the board would not support his idea for a mega library in Irvine to be paid for by the rest of the county cities. First he had no authority to make such a threat. Second, the money to operate the county library system comes via County Supervisor authorities. Not indivual cities.

    Mr. Choi is more interested in opening after school academies than in doing the business of his city.

    Sounds like a real conservative!

    Choi and Shea are do nothings who refuse to work for anything of substance. Choi is completing his 4th year on council and has contributed nothing to the City!

    Beth Krom, Sukee Kang and Larry Agran are working to keep Irvine moving forward, they deserve our support for all the good Irvine is doing. More affordable homes are being built and on the drawing board in Irvine than any other OC city. Time and time again rated as one of the safest cities in the United States.

    Sounds like the ones Choi doesn’t trust are doing a pretty great job!

    Choi didn’t drop out to focus on Irvines issues, he dropped out because he had zero chance of winning! i spoke with him about his goals and plans for the 71st District, to say I was underwhelmed is an understatement. If he had been elected to assembly, I’m not sure he could find Sacramento!

  2. unknown
    January 31, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Wow Choi really sucks. Being an Irvine resident, some say that I “Can’t” complain or that I “Shouldn’t”. Irvine IS boring, the spectrum and the amphitheater notwithstanding. Irvine should have nightlife and much much more things oriented to the young people who live here like myself.

    Due to the “non-partisan” approach to city politics, I don’t really know who’s who and what’s what. Now I know that Choi and Shea suck. In city politics, I will not be voting for either and I will tell my local friends not to support either in the future.

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