Curt: Carony?

The President doesn’t read newspapers, why should you? Only nerdy intellectuals waste their time with facts and news stories. Curt is a very curt fellow. He sums up all of the political news that is going on in Orange County in just one word.

I could have sworn that I had written this word before, but a quick search cannot find it.  So credit for the word of the week goes to Steven Greenhut over at the OC Register’s Orange Punch Blog in which he called out Jack Anderson as A ‘Carony’ and a party hack!

Usually, an outgoing sheriff’s choice of a replacement would carry some weight, but I would think that anyone ex-Sheriff Mike Carona would hand pick would be radioactive in the county. We’ve had enough Caronies in charge of the department. On his way out, Carona appointed Jack Anderson, a close ally and Republican Party central committee member, as the interim sheriff. That means more of the same while the board searches for a permanent replacement.

Our Blog Team here at TheLiberalOC of course weighed in on the appointment of Anderson with a flurry of commentary; Anderson Appointment Political? I Think So; Jack Anderson; One More Reason Janet Needs To Go; Carona Resignation Barely Registers at Flash; What Do YOU Think About Sheriff Carona Resigning?; What Do YOU Think: Is Jack Anderson Different from Mike Carona?; and Carona Case Quotes of Note.

Then there was Matt Cunningham with his two-parter over at Red County/OC Blog about the Blogosphere Hissy Fit regarding the Anderson appointment Part 1, and Part 2. Dan Chmielewski could not let that go unanswered so he fired back with Blogging Hissyfit? Physician, Heal Thyself. Then there was Dana Parsons over at the LATimes who chimed in on Thursday with Replacement for Carona too close for comfort following up on his commentary from Tuesday Supes’ big task: picking a sheriff.

The OCWeekly, which can rightfully claim credit for initially bringing to light the “allegedly” criminal follies of Sheriff Mike Carona thanks to R. Scott Moxley, closed the week with Mikey Carona’s Folsom Prison Blues! on their Navel Gazing Staff Blog. Below are the lyrics by Jack Grimshaw and a video of Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues so you can sing along with the revised lyrics.


Mikey’s Folsom Prison Blues!
By Jack Grimshaw

Well, I know that prison’s waiting,
It’s just around the bend,
I traded my integrity
For a lousy Montblanc pen,
I’m going to Folsom prison,
And all those scary dudes,
They’ll make me wear silk panties
And do things rather rude!

Got elected sheriff,
Started tapping my rich friends,
The means, I always figured,
Justify the ends,
But those lousy sons of bitches
At the FBI,
Got that sneaky shit Don Haidl
To tape me on the sly.

Well, they say I took in thousands – 700K!
So I took a leave of absence
While pulling down full pay,
Well, they’re claiming bribes and kickbacks
And witness tampering,
Now, to smack George Jaramillo,
I’d give anything.

If they’d just drop all these charges,
I’d promise to behave,
I’d even leave the county
A costly trial they’d save,
I’d even take my Debbies,
Number One and Two,
And if you wanna buy a badge, pal,
Just bring some cash with you!

Gotta love it when the news leads the commentary to almost write itself.

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  1. Randy
    January 28, 2008 at 8:36 am

    The Orange County Board of Supervisors is trying to make suckers of us. They are the proverbial street corner 3-card Monty artist, maneuvering face cards with lightning speed giving you just enough of a glance to make you think you know exactly where the winner lies. Flip-flip-flip—it’s Bill Hunt. Not so fast though my friend, another quick arrangement of the cards and it’s—Paul Walters! But hold on, they aren’t finished yet, cuffs get pulled back, fingers fly and it’s—yes! Jack Anderson! But get that smug look off your face and don’t think you’ve won just because you think you know where your candidate is comfortably settled. The Board has one more trick up their sleeves. They will momentarily distract with a bright, shiny object—the nationwide search—and while we are busy sweating out and speculating on and positioning ourselves over that, they will quietly, deftly reach into their back pockets and pull out—Ralph ‘Been-There-But-Hasn’t-Done-Much’ Martin, fresh from being surgically removed from John Moorlach’s hind-end and you will walk away disappointed and empty-handed once again. Don’t you know by now? You can’t beat the house.

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