So Much for Arnold “Going Green”… He Wants a Not-so-green Toll Road to Trestles

Did anyone catch this on Red County/OC Blog? Apparently, our Governator has decided to support extending the 241 Toll Road to Trestles. So why is he doing it? He thinks it’s the “eco-friendly” thing to do.

I have concluded that this project is essential to protect our environment and the quality of life for everyone in Southern California. I am convinced that, with the extensive mitigation and avoidance measures propsoed by the TCA, the project can be built in a manner that will enhance and foster use of the coast and protect coastal resources. I therefore urge the Coastal Commission to concur in the TCA’s certification that the project is consistent with the California Coastal Zone Management Program.

Really??!! So the best way to “protect our environment” is to destroy the environment of San Onofre? Has Arnold completely lost it? Does he really think the best way to “protect our environment” is to destroy one of our last stretches of protected coastline, literally paving the way for more worsening of our climate crisis (think more road for more cars) and more unwise development?

If Arnold thinks this Toll Road to Trestles is the “green” thing to do, then he really doesn’t know what “going green” means. Think more and better transit options to give people real alternatives to cars. Think smarter development that destroys less wilderness and encourages less pollution and more community. If Arnold really wants to call himself an “environmentalist”, he needs to act more like one.

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  1. OCdriver
    January 16, 2008 at 10:56 am

    The road won’t end at Trestles. It ends a half mile from the beach at Basilone road. Check out the plans. And also the water quality program they proposed to protect the beaches, including new drainage plans for part of I-5 where problems currently exist.

  2. just...asking?
    January 16, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Arnold needs to get OC reeps back on his side if he wants to get anything done this year. He knows that the Costal Commission will not approve the road. So this way he looks like a hero to the developers and politicos who want to build a ton of homes and retail along this new proposed road (bringing more congestion).

    Commission will not approve this road and Arnold will get what he really wants which is the protected environment, just ask Maria!

  3. Andrew Davey
    January 16, 2008 at 12:34 pm


    Nice spin from TCA, but I’m not buying it. The proposed route of the 241 extension would run alongside San Mateo Creek. There’s no doubt it would cause runoff to fall into the creek and pollute the seawater. Also, this would change the sediment flow and tamper with the waves at Trestles. And sorry, but there’s no way TCA’s promises of “treatment” will be able to take care of all the runoff. If the Toll Road to Trestles happens, Trestles is ruined.

    just asking-

    I hope you’re right. I hope the Coastal Commissioners have more common sense than Arnold. They need to recognize that the best way to “go green” is to save the little bit of pristine green open space we have left.

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