Can Supporters Raise 7 Million in One Day for Edwards?

In a new poll released today the RGJ shows Nevada as a statistical dead heat.  That’s right, John still has a shot at winning Nevada.  The Margin of error for this poll is 4.5 points, well within the spread between candidates.

Barack Obama: 32 percent
Hillary Clinton: 30 percent
John Edwards: 27 percent

But it’s not just in Nevada, Edwards is hanging on in South Carolina, the fourth of the primary states to vote before California participates in their first “Super Tuesday” vote.  John noted that in 2004 he was fourth in the polls and came back to win the state easily.  He’s betting on that happening again.  But how do we get the media to talk about John now? 

Well, as they say, money talks, so we need to give Edwards a voice by making some financial headlines on his behalf.

This was proposed by a post at the Daily Kos as a means to give the media a story they can’t ignore, a money story:

So I propose that we do so. I would like to suggest Friday, January 18, as the day to shatter both the record and the media’s tinted glass ceiling on coverage. This would give us all five days to publicize the effort. If successful, it should generate some press in time for the Sunday papers and news programs. Then on Monday, there is the debate in South Carolina, where Edwards could promote the results. This would then be followed by the primary on Saturday which, hopefully, would benefit from the newly enhanced press attention.

If we believe that the media is unfairly slanting coverage, it is up to us to do something about it. We must not let them make our decisions for us. By thrusting Edwards’ visibility forward with financial support that makes the press do a double take, we are effectively slapping the collective faces of the reporters who think they know what they’re talking about; of the pundits who think they know what’s best; of the blowhards like Bill O’Reilly who dismissively wave off our candidates as phonies and losers.

So, do you think it can be done?  I do.  So if you were thinking of donating, please wait until Friday and if you were thinking of encouraging people to donate, just click on the link to the original post and you can even steal the image and send to anyone youw ant.  It’s up for grabs.  Wow, hotlinking that’s not forbodden!

For those who don’t know enough about Edwards or if you know people who are on the fence and they just aren’t sure, you can forward John’s 80 page booklet that outlines all his major policies and goals if he does become President.

And lastly, I’m sure as many of you know, the looming recession, or the worsening of our recession is a big issue for our Candidates, but who has been leading on this as well?”  Yes, according to Paul Krugman, Edwards is really leading on the issue of the economy.

On the Democratic side, John Edwards, although never the front-runner, has been driving his party’s policy agenda. He’s done it again on economic stimulus: last month, before the economic consensus turned as negative as it now has, he proposed a stimulus package including aid to unemployed workers, aid to cash-strapped state and local governments, public investment in alternative energy, and other measures.

Just one more reason to urge you or your undecideds and fence sitters to try to bring the debate back to a three person race, the one they are leaving out has a lot to say and it’s not fair that he just can’t buy the coverage like Obama and Clinton can by their huge fund raising numbers. 

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