Morons Sue Themselves: Choi and Shea are Clueless on Confidentiality of C-Level Searches

Quick, what is Irvine Council member and Great Park Board member and Republican candidate for Irvine Mayor Christina Shea’s definition of a “close, personal friend of Larry Agran?” 

Answer: anyone who has ever met him. 

After all, Shea commented that I was a close, personal friend of Larry Agran on this blog over a year ago whcih was certainly news to me and my family.  I know Larry and we’ve met more than a couple of times, but a close, personal friend?  No, he isn’t.  And that brings me to the point of my post; Shea and Council member Stephen Choi have filed a complaint against the Great Park Board — a group that they are members of — alledging the Corporation has denied them access to resumes and records of candidates for Great Park CEO. 

Shea has gone as far to question whether a national search was even conducted.  Now the story filed in today’s Irvine World News and OC Register reports on two finalists, Kurt Haunfelner and Rod Cooper, who both declined the job and alledgedly, both had ties to Agran.  Of course, Shea says Haunfelner is a longtime friend of Agran (I’m guessing the two might have shaken hands once or twice). 

Neither Choi nor Shea can be counted on to protect the confidentiality of candidates being interviewed for this role.  Look, we know the identities of finalists who turned the job down.  Imagine what these two clown shoes would do with resumes of candidates.

Neither Choi nor Shea has the big business experience of recruiting a C-level executive for a multi-million (billion) organization and frankly, neither of them have the discretion to protect the identities of those applying.  Its more obstructionism from the two who encouraged the County Board of Supervisors to follow a Grand Jury report’s recommendation to take control of the park from the city. 

The Great Park search committee should do the right thing and present their recommendations to the full board once they have vetted the candidates, checked references and selected the BEST candidate for the job, regardless of whether or not that person knows Larry Agran. 

So while Shea and Choi are busy suing themselves, the question of whether or not a national search has ben conducted is indeed very provable.  And regardless of whether the Mills Group presents 5 outstanding finalists or 500, none of them will be acceptable to Shea and Choi.  Shea voted against the Great Park design team and Ken Smith, and both want Balloon rides to be financed by ticket sales.  Choi was at the Great Park balloon launch event passing out political literature for his run on city council.

The complaint is being issued so both will have some conservative talking point to add to their respective campaign fliers this election cycle.  The complaint is a lot of hooey.