Speak up for Costa Mesa Bike Trails Next Week!

Hey, everyone… Especially our fine Costa Mesa readers! Please remember to attend the January 15th Costa Mesa City Council Meeting at 6:00 PM to support turning the Paularino and Santa Ana/Delhi flood control channel maintenance road within Costa Mesa into a multipurpose trail to connect the Santa Ana River Regional Trail to the Upper Newport Bay Trail System.

These proposed flood control maintenance road facilities will provide a walking/bicycle trail from east of Fairview Road, just north of Adams Avenue to Santa Ana Avenue, and then to the Irvine Avenue/Upper Newport Bay walking/bicycle trail system. Costa Mesa city staff recommended to the City Council to direct staff to begin the preliminary design and public outreach for a multipurpose pedestrian and bicycle trail along the proposed route. Even the Orange County Flood Control District staff has been supportive of this idea! However, the three Republicans on the City Council voted against this great idea in December.

Yes, believe it or not, Allan Mansoor, Eric Bever, and Wendy Leece don’t like this great idea of expanding Costa Mesa bicycle trails. Why? Because they don’t like the idea of local residents doing something about the climate crisis by reducing their own carbon footprint? Because they don’t like the idea of giving residents more alternatives to car travel around town? I just don’t get it.

So anyways, when our great Democratic Council Members Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon bring this back at the next council meeting, ask the other three why they don’t like this idea. What do they have against bike trails? I think we’d all like to know. 😉