Fiscal Conservatives, or Budget Busting Lemmings?

Why is it you can never find a good fiscal conservative on the Orange County Board of Supervisors when you need one?

On Tuesday, the budget busting lemmings of the Orange County Board of Supervisors again proved they are nothing more than big government politicians.  The appointed a new position, thereby forming a new county agency, reporting directly to the five member board.

The problem is they really don’t need the position or new agency headed by a Performance Auditor. These functions could have been delegated to the Internal Audit Department, which already reports directly to them.

Granted, the Internal Audit Department is an unnecessary duplication of the already established functions of the elected County Auditor/Controller, but who cares, it’s only going to cost somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million annually (my rough estimate) to staff this new department. It’s not like there is a budget crisis and we’re eliminating county positions or anything like that (snark).

I think the first thing the Performance Auditor should do is audit the effectiveness of the Board of Supervisors at performing its job. Such a study would probably yield some disturbing results. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that report though; it would be more likely for Janet Nguyen to live within her own district budget.

More big government; more waste, more inefficiency; what more could you ask from a group of fiscal conservatives, other than fiscal conservatism?