Sheriff Carona vs Federal Justice System

Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse

I wrote last week that Sheriff Mike Carona is returning from his self-imposed leave of absence to active duty on Monday, January 7, 2008. There have been a variety of opinions from the talking bloggers (excluding John Fleischman and the Flash Report) regarding Sheriff Carona’s indictment and almost none about how long he will be back at work before he goes on leave again. (We’ve got a survey on the top right side of this page asking for your thoughts on how long the Sheriff will stay. So let us know what you think.)

An indictment in federal court is not a fun or easy process for anyone to deal with. We can all imagine how much time and energy it might take to fight a multiple count indictment. In a follow-up to their earlier interview with Sheriff Carona, Full Disclosure Network released these two additional stories, Part 1 (28:30 min) and Part 2 (28:30 min), on the topic.

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Take a look, and speak out. Let us know what Orange County thinks.