Why Iowa is Still a Win for Edwards

Yesterday was the largest turn out for an Iowa Caucus ever and so many of those who came to caucus were young and as they would say “Fired up and ready to go”.  And went they did.  Obama won the night and his supporters are celebrating.

Elizabeth and John Celebrate their victoryBut there is a story that’s being ignored by the mainstream media, it’s still a two person race to them but in the eye of many Edwards supporters, last night was a victory for him as well.  And no, Edwards did not concede in his speech last night, because it’s not over and I think that since he had the most attention he’s probably gotten so far by the MSM the last thing he wanted to do was talk about a “loss”.  Rather than that, he focussed on what is so important to him and his focus for his campaign, Edwards continues to talk about the poor, the homeless and the disenfranchised in our Country.  He wasn’t there to talk about candidates, but the people who still have no voice.

Edwards released a statement regarding Obama’s win and said that he called him personally to congratulate him.   

“Earlier tonight, I called Senator Obama to congratulate him on his victory in the Iowa caucuses. Tonight’s results shows how clearly the American people are sick of the status quo and ready for a president who will fight for the bold change America needs. “

And, I sincerely believe that this is a win for all Democrats.  Almost twice as many Democrats came out to caucus than Republicans and the race is tight right now to show that we have a tough decision to make, that we have three amazing candidates to chose from, there is no loss here for Edwards or for any Democrat.

If you did not have a chance to see Edwards’ post Iowa Caucus debate, please take the time to do so, it is at the end of my post.  This is why this man inspires me, this is why I care so much about this election, more than I have ever before.  And the good news is, more people are going to hear his message. 

It also means money for his campaign.  Today they released a statement saying that yesterday is “putting the campaign on track for its best online fundraising day to date.”    And half of those who contributed were first time donors and more than 90% were donations under $100.  This is the campaign that relies on small money donations rather than lobbyist and PAC money, every cent counts.

So, what does this have to do with California?  Orange County?  In order for California to count we have to help Edwards win Nevada.  I am planning to drive to Las Vegas on the weekend of the 12th in order to canvass and phone bank for Edwards and the Nevada supporters have pledge to come to California and help us do the same for our Primary on February 5th.

Just three more days to New Hampshire and this whole nomination process has been knocked on it’s butt.  It’s no longer a two person race and thanks to Edwards, it’s no longer about “Politics as usual”.


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  1. Andrew Davey
    January 4, 2008 at 10:46 am


    Good for you! I salute your activism. You’re certainly right that this race is FAR FROM OVER. Take a look at the last delegate count out of Iowa:

    Obama 18
    Edwards 17
    Clinton 16

    It was really quite close, and there’s plenty of reason for both John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to continue fighting the good fight. New Hampshire is only 4 days away, and I look forward to seeing what happens then. I must really salute your candidate for closing on a substantive message of real, good change, and I wish all of you in Team Edwards the best of luck in the next month. 🙂

  2. james s
    January 4, 2008 at 10:58 am

    thanks heather

    It is indeed a 2 person race now —
    BUT those 2 people —
    are the “Change Candidates”

    Obama vs Edwards!

    BTW, That was an Awesome use of the National Microphone
    last nite by Edwards —
    Very Smart!

    For most of the Nation, it was the 1st time
    they had an opportunity to hear Edwards, unplugged.

    Think of what Edwards WOULD DO,
    with the “bully pulpit” at his disposal?


    America’s really needs to elect this guy!

    Meet John Edwards: Selected Clips:


    Edwards on the Issues



    and Vote Smart!

  3. Paul Lucas
    January 4, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    I was amazed at Edwards lead over Hillary. I thought it was going to go Clinton, Obama, and then Edwards. With all that money, I am surprised that Hillary came in 3rd. I think Obama really benefitted from his campaigns outreach to young people as well as Bill Richardson and Dennis Kuscinich throwing their suport to Obama. Had that not happened I think we would be looking at different results.

    But Edwards in my opinion really gained the most. he did not have all the money that Hillary and Obama did and he came in 2nd. So that in my eyes makes Edwards the real winner. Go Edwards !

  4. Bill Spaulding
    January 4, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    Yes, I admit, I’m pleased my guy came out ahead last night. And I heartily salute Edwards for his second – and not third – place finish. Both results are pleasing. And Dan is absolutely correct: Democrats in general won, also.

    Andrew – only political animals will notice or pay attention to the delegate count. What the general public, the typical voter, will see is 38-30-29. That’s what the MSM will tout when questioning HRC’s future. And anyway, HRC was already way ahead in delegate count before Iowa on account of pledged Super Delegates.

    Change is in the air!

    Oh, and BTW, I do know that one event does not constitute a trend. It’s a long road for us all – well, until Tsunami Tuesday…

  5. Andrew Davey
    January 4, 2008 at 5:30 pm


    Congratulations on last night… Enjoy “victory” while it lasts. 😉

    No really, good job. Your guy helped bring many people who never participated in Democratic politics before to do something special last night. Over 236,000 ultimately caucused in our side in Iowa, and we all did something great to turn Iowa blue again this year.

    But anyways, I mentioned the delegate count because Iowa is only the FIRST contest, and there are still hundreds more delegates to be awarded in the coming weeks. New Hampshire happens next week, and for all we know the entire nomination game may look completely different by this time next week. That’s why I’ll be tuning into the ABC debate tomorrow, and why I’m totally prepared to jump into my asbestos pantsuit and endure the bumpy ride. 🙂

  6. Bladerunner
    January 4, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    All the spin is fine but here is a reality check for the Edwards folk who are looking at Iowa as slaying the Clinton Dragoness–both the Clinton and the Obama campaigns consider him Dead man Walking(you’re a little off message Bill). The Obama people realize that the longer Edwards is in the race the longer it will take to defeat Hillary. The second choice of most Edwards people is Obama, not Clinton. As the Obama spinmeisters were feverishly spinning last night and today, Edwards failed to get a bump out of a second place showing in Iowa in 2004 and won’t this time. The Obama people are saying that Edwards is structurally much weaker in New Hampshire than in Iowa and that the voters who want change are going to Obama, not Edwards.

    So while it might feel good for the OC Edwards and Obama people to pat each other on the back, the Edwards people just need to understand that there is a political knife in that Obama hand near your back. And if you don’t want to believe what the Obama and Clinton people are saying about Edward’s political life expectancy, look at OC attorney and Edwards backer supremo Wylie Aitken who the local fish rag notes was disappointed in the Iowa results and says Edwards must win in New Hampshire to stay in the race. That’s a pretty big hurdle.

    Iowa was huge for Obama but there is a long way to go unless he can continue to punk Clinton in the Granite State, South Carolina, and Nevada. If that happens, New York may be the only place she wins big on Super Tuesday.And then the only question is who is Barak’s numero dos.

    But before the blogsphere puts Hillary on a DNR, consider that counting the super delegates already pledged, Clinton has 169(52%) compared to Obama’s 66(20%) Edwards 47(14%) and Richardson’s 19(6%). Edwards staying in helps Hillary by dividing the anti-Hillary, let’s change vote. Something to contemplate for the minority of Edwards people who seem to get off on trashing Clinton.

  7. January 4, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    The Obama people realize that the longer Edwards is in the race the longer it will take to defeat Hillary. The second choice of most Edwards people is Obama, not Clinton. As the Obama spinmeisters were feverishly spinning last night and today, Edwards failed to get a bump out of a second place showing in Iowa in 2004 and won’t this time. The Obama people are saying that Edwards is structurally much weaker in New Hampshire then in Iowa and that the voters who want change are going to Obama, not Edwards.


    If Edwards is not an issue, why has Obama spent the last two weeks trashing him in ways I never imagined? It says something to me that Obama is afraid of him, why I don’t know. But he really tore him apart about the 527 and even implied that Edwards had broken the law. Not many people know the law and so when Obama said Edwards could stop them, I’m sure a lot of people though, so why hasn’t he? I could go on, but I can’t either. It just was a strange turn of events for Mr. Hope to start ripping the person who could supposedly help him the most.

  8. Bladerunner
    January 5, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Not to fear Heather, your candidate doesn’t turn the other cheek. Whereas before Edwards let his wife do most of the Obama bashing, the post-Iowa Edwards mantra is Obama and Clinton are corporate Democrats, Obama and Clinton are for nuclear power, etc. etc.

    No one is ever going to say that the Wolfpack candidate isn’t a fighter.

  9. January 5, 2008 at 8:50 am

    “Edwards let his wife”? Should he have muzzled her? She’s a very important part of his campaign, just as Hillary was to Bill. What is crazy to me is when people take digs at Elizabeth’s involvement in the campaign are the same people who probably point to Hillary’s time as first lady as part of her experience.

    I consider Elizabeth to be a major asset to John and she speaks her mind. She doesn’t have to seek permission to do so and it says a lot to me about John and his ability to be an equal to his wife.

    It’s politics, he has to define a difference, as a candidate it’s his job.

  10. January 5, 2008 at 10:30 am

    I don’t think anyone is “afraid” of Edwards. I think probably Obama knew he had to co-opt Edwards to win. They’re both winners here. Clinton is lost. I know she might recover, but I’m willing to bet she won’t. I prefer Edwards’ populism and his working-class origins to Obama. But Obama is really interesting, a fine orator, and had the nerve to oppose the Iraq War when millions of us were and millions more were blaming Iraq for 9-11 and denouncing us. I’m not impressed at all with the “lack of experience” charge. Clinton’s experience is her problem, as far as I am concerned. I share and appreciate Obama’s community organizing background, though I hear he might be a bit thinner on that experience than he has admitted. He’s gonna get beaten up now (Obama). We’ll see how well he takes a punch… soon I guess. But I’ll vote for either of these guys (Edwards or Obama).

  11. Bladerunner
    January 5, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Heather–yes, “let his wife,” meaning instead of doing it himself as opposed to your inference of muzzling. I wouldn’t want John to muzzle Elizabeth any more than you would want Hillary to muzzle Bill. Or would you? The only muzzle here was apparently self-imposed by the candidate and now he’s taken it off and taken aim at Barak. Nothing wrong with that–as you say, its a candidates job to define differences. I’m just glad he finally has done it, although it may be too little, too late for him. But it will, interestingly, help Obama, who needs some testing in the primary to see if he can take a punch and get up off the canvass. And who knows, Edwards might recover with his Seabrook style no nukes, more kooks campaign in New Hampshire. And if he recovers, Denver is going to be one exciting city this summer.

  12. January 6, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks Tom and Jamess for coming by and reading and commenting, I appreciate the thumbs up 🙂

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