OC Reacts to the Iowa Caucus Results

“There is an energy in the Democratic Party in Orange County that you’ve never seen before,” said Santa Ana attorney Alfredo Amezcua at a festive house party in his home city with about 30 others. “It’s because of the times. We need a change and it’s going to take energy.”

If you haven’t already read Martin Wisckol’s fantastic write-up of the local reaction to the big national news of the Iowa Caucuses, then go over to The Register’s site now to read it! It’s quite interesting, and it gives some insight as to what our local politicos think about yesterday’s surprising results. Oh yes, and you’ll read comments from some familiar screen names, too! (Hint: One of our bloggers and our friend from another local blog are featured!)

But anyways, local Obama supporters were thrilled to see Barack Obama finish on top. Wylie Aitken, a prominent Edwards backer, traveled all the way to Iowa to campaign for John Edwards… And was surprised to find all the enthusiasm for Obama last night. Al Amezcua, a Hillary Clinton supporter, thinks this is only the beginning and that Hillary shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

And meanwhile on the other side of the aisle, OC GOP eyebrows were raised over Mike Huckabee’s stunning win last night. Buck Johns, a prominent Newport Beach GOP activist and Huckabee backer, was quite pleased by the results. OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh, on the other hand, was not… Since he traveled all the way to Iowa to campaign for Mitt Romney.

And in the end, the “enthusiasm gap” found in Iowa yesterday was also felt here in OC. Despite the Republicans’ supposed “dominance” here, our local Democratic Party held three successful caucus watch parties that were packed with folks supporting all the Dem candidates. Just as Dems in Iowa outnumbered Reeps last night, our side had more to celebrate here in OC. 🙂