CTA Highlights Tinajero The Teacher/Coach

The California Teachers Association shined its spotlight on Santa Ana City Councilmember Sal Tinajero in its latest edition of California Educator magazine.  The article focuses on Tinajero’s incredibly successful efforts with Fullerton High School’s Speech & Debate team.  Under Tinajero’s tutelage the last 5 years, the Fullerton High School team has become nationally recognized and is a top team locally, statewide and across the nation. 

The article does not even mention Sal’s involvement in politics and that is fitting because he sees himself as a “teacher/coach” long before he sees himself as a “politician”.  Having had the opportunity to see Sal at work with his team firsthand, I can tell you he does a fabulous job and really makes a difference in the lives of the students he works with.  The respect, admiration and love his students have for him and he for them says it all.  He is really changing lives with his work and for that he should be commended.

Sal’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by those in the know.  In 2005, Hispanic Magazine named Sal the National Latino Teacher of the Year.  Sal works tirelessly with his team and his efforts have paid off not only with the teams success but also with many of his students earning full college scholarships as a result of the speech team activities.  Many of the kids come from homes where English is a second language, have learning disabilities or are struggling students which makes the success ever more remarkable.

Despite having his hands full with his job, the Fullerton team, his city council position and his young family with 3 children, Sal is working hard to get a speech team program started in the Santa Ana Unified as well.  While some like to talk about doing things for our youth and hold public meetings to pat themselves on the back, Sal is actually doing something to make a difference and help them improve their lives.  Great job Sal and kudos to you for all that you do to help the children.

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  1. just...asking?
    December 31, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    I met Sal a couple of years ago at a nomination meeting. He quickly impressed so many of us with his eloquent speech and presentation style. It’s great to hear how he has worked to pass these skills on to young people.

    I’ve been waiting for Sal to use his positive skills on the council and on the agencies he now sits on. I don’t know if he is just too busy to take a real interest in issues facing his city and agencies but something falls short. Other than some very minor and snippy issues, I have not seen him as much of a leader. The measure D that he proposed amounts to nothing but 4 more years for some members that are not doing much of anything for Santa Ana.

    Hopefully Sal will find his passion and bring it to the Council in SA. I believe that is why so many supported him and why they/we expect so much of him.

    Sal’s a good guy, hope he starts being an independent voice and a positive force.

  2. jose s.
    January 1, 2008 at 1:48 am

    no offense sean but i really dont care what he does outside of the council as positive as may be but i want somebody who i help elect to put his job as a council member first. when you decide to run for office especially local government you had better take it deathly serious. and if you cant better you just sit back and let somebody else have a shot at what you are no good at. tinajero has failed us and it pisses me off that i was so stupid as to vote for him in the first place. but hey, live and learn. i once voted for pulido back in the day when he ran for council. never would i think he would end up shuch a tyrant. a guy who fought against city hall and won
    only to end up a part of this horrible machine. he lost his way just as tinajero has. i understand tinajero has a long way to go before catching up to pulidos sins but i think we have seen what tinajero is all about as a councilman. there is no need for him here on this already weak council. i hoped for a person with some serious balls who wasnt afraid to stand up to our “little king”. but as it turns out he just isnt our guy. he needs to do what he does best, work with kids theres nothing wrong with that. it’s very honorable. he just needs to stay out of the santa ana city council because obviously it’s just not his thing.

  3. January 1, 2008 at 7:47 am

    I agree with Jose — it doesn’t matter what an elected official does outside of his/her official duties. What matters is what a councilperson does as a member of the council and what a school board trustee does as a member of the school board.

  4. Anonymous
    January 1, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Sean, you’re just as bad with doing nothing but praise Sal as Art Pedroza is saying nothing bad about Michelle Martinez.

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