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I am Steve Young, the Democrat challenging John Campbell [R, CA-48] the sixth richest member of congress. My challenge is truly a David vs. Goliath battle — and we know how that one turned out.

I am writing to ask for your help. Two reasons make the House race in California’s 48th district important:

  1. We need a representative with the spine to vote his heart; and
  2. As we have learned from sad experience, we don’t have the votes in Washington to pass necessary legislation.

We need a voice – reflective of our values – in the U.S. House in Washington.

Democrats need to “hold the line” in the House.

If you agree with these two statements, then please take a moment to make a secure online contribution of $25 to my campaign right now.

Let me explain.

I am Steve Young. I am not a career politician. I have never been on the public payroll. I do not answer to special interests, or PACS. I am definitely different from the traditional member of the House of Representatives who has “moved up” to avoid unemployment under term limits. I have run my own business, and have had to do without to make payroll. I understand the struggles Americans face today.

I will bring a different perspective to the U.S. House. To do that I need your help.

Please make a secure online contribution of $25 or more to my campaign today.

Your help is absolutely critical. I plan to launch ads in the media in February after super Tuesday. That is slightly over a month away. I can purchase 1 ad slot in my district for $25.

I have made advertisements to remind my district of the many examples of John Campbell’s hypocrisy including:

  1. His attack on SCHIP “because it is a publicly funded health care system,” while he took publicly funded health care as a Congressman.
  2. His justification for voting to cut veterans’ benefits because, “Veterans commit fraud.”
  3. His support of waterboarding because it is, “a psychological interrogation technique that does not inflict physical pain or permanent damage.”
  4. His vote to sustain Bush’s veto of the Water Resources Development Act of 2007 belying his many media pronouncements concerning his “dedication to the environment.”

If he is reelected to the House, John Campbell will continue under the banner of “unburdening business” to rail against laws that give us clean drinking water, safe work places, and a retirement safety net.

Help me stop him by helping me get my message out next month.

Make a secure online contribution of $25 or more to my campaign right now so I can buy much-needed media in February.

John Campbell is the sixth richest member of Congress. He made millions as a car dealer. I will need to match him and the corporate interests that raised almost $2 million for his election. And that’s why I need your help.

The money battle will be like David and Goliath. We know who won that one.

Earlier I told you there were two reasons I needed to win this race. One was so that Californians will have an unfettered representative.

But the other reason is as important.

You see, House Democrats are struggling to pass necessary legislation. We need additional House votes to make a difference in Washington.

Help me launch my media ads by making a secure online contribution of $25 or more to my campaign right now.

Thank you for your help.

Your friend,

Steve Young
U.S. House Candidate
“I am not one of them!”

Paid for by Steve Young for Congress

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  4 comments for “Help Steve Young

  1. December 26, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    There are some pretty easy targets to shoot at re: John Campbell. 1) There are few, if any, Congressfolk who vote with Bush as meticulously as Campbell. 2) He supported the 241 Toll Road Extension, meaning he’s either corrupt, ignorant or oblivious. 3) He doesn’t think waterboarding involves physical pain.

    Happy holidays

  2. The Captain
    December 26, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    It’s nice that you are calling those who support less traffic names.

    Those who support the 241 extension are not automatically corrupt, ignorant or oblivious. They just give traffic reduction a higher priority than you do. Reasonable people should be able to disagree reasonably without resorting to name calling.

  3. RHackett
    December 26, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    Reasonable people should be able to disagree reasonably without resorting to name calling.

    Could you tell Jon Fleischman and just about any other conservative commentator. The resort to name calling regularly.

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    December 26, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Steve Young did not call the Congressman any names.

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