What Do YOU Think About Santa Ana “Scrooging” Its Residents?

You know, it’s not all that often that I agree with the libertarian OC Register columnist Steven Greenhut. But today, it looks like something cataclysmic happened. Santa Ana’s City Council is screwing up again by not agreeing to televise all council meetings, and I agree with Steven Greenhut:

Mayor Miguel Pulido said the cameras make council members nervous. Well, then they shouldnÂ’t be council members who are supposed to represent the public in a public manner.

OK, so why no holiday cheer for Santa Ana’s local electeds? Maybe because OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano is onto something when he says the council has something to hide with its “Renaissance Plan”? Maybe because Santa Ana’s council does not want city residents to know that they want to “whitewash” downtown and replace all the Latino-owned businesses catering to working families with condos, boutiques, and offices catering to a more upscale clientele? And maybe because our city is wasting money on stuff like repainting watertowers and erecting “business district” signs while telling residents that they “can’t afford” to televise all council meetings?

So what you think about Santa Ana not televising every city council meeting? Are they just trying to “scrooge” the residents by keeping them in the dark on potentially unpopular redevelopment plans? Or is the local media just overhyping this effort to save money?

I want to hear what you have to say about this latest Santa Ana scandal. Who’s trying to “scrooge” who? Go ahead, make my holiday, and have your say! 🙂