What Do YOU Think About Anaheim’s Expanding Plans for the Platinum Triangle?


“We really need to look at the big picture and this is the big picture… I think this will add a whole new element to our city.” 

That was Anaheim Planning Commissioner Panky Romero talking to The Register about Anaheim’s plans to expand the Platinum Triangle development zone. The Planning Commission approved 6-0 (with 1 abstention) the expansion of the Platinum Triangle, sending the proposal to the Anaheim City Council today for its approval. The proposal allows for the region around Angel Stadium to fill up with over 18,000 homes and neraly 17 million square feet of office space (like four Sears Towers). Commercial space – the equivalent of two South Coast Plazas – would be dispersed throughout the high-rise condos, lofts and apartments being proposed. Already 9,000 homes are either planned, or open, in the Platinum Triangle.

Wow, this sounds impressive! But wait, how about affordable housing for all the low-wage workers taking jobs in the Triangle? Oh, there’s no plan for that. And how about more classrooms for all the kids moving in? Oh wait, Anaheim City School District isn’t ready for the estimated 700 new students. And how about all that new traffic in town? Hmmm, it doesn’t seem like Anaheim’s completely prepared for that either. Wow, now that we think about it, this doesn’t seem all that impressive.

So what do you think about Anaheim expanding its plans for the Platinum Triangle? Will all the new luxury development change Anaheim for the better? Or is Anaheim not ready for all the changes (good AND bad) that will
come with all this new development?

I want to hear what you have to say about the Platinum Triangle. Will there be schools for the kids? Will there be enough housing for working class families? Will there be enough proper planning to make this development work?

Go ahead. Make my day. Have your say. 🙂