OC Delegation’s Record on Equality for All

Our legislative friends like to thump their chests on Red County; so proud of their conservative voting records they are.  I find the bake offs useful as I just turn the survey on its head.

The folks at Equality California have issued their own scorecards for state senators and assembly members on the basis of their voting records for individual freedom and equality for all.  Here’s the list and remember, 100 is a perfect score with 0 being someone not very open to equal rights for all; Our Republican Governor scored an 88.  Other Republican legislators its “equal rights for me, but not for thee.”

Dick Ackerman       R 33, 10%
Lou Correa            D 34, 80%
Tom Harman         R 35, 10%
Bob Margett          R 29, 10%
Mark Wyland          R 38, 0%
Chuck DeVore        R 70, 10%
Michael Duvall        R 72, 10%
Bob Huff                R 60, 20%
Tony Mendoza       D 56, 100%
Jim Silva                R 67, 10%
Jose Solorio           D 69, 100%
Todd Spitzer          R 71, 10%
Van Tran                R 68, 10%
Mimi Walters          R 73, 10%
Go to http://www.eqca.org/ for more context.