Republicans Still Get More Federal Pork

HT to the publication The Hill.

While Rep. John Campbell is busy patting himself on the back for his battle against federal pork-barrel spending, it seems Republicans still lead the nation is having their pork and eating it too.


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Sens. Cochran, Stevens lead in earmark tally
December 03, 2007
Senior Republican appropriators in the Senate have collected more money in earmarks than any other members of Congress, even though President Bush and GOP leaders have forcefully criticized “pork-barrel spending.”
Not only have these lawmakers defied their leaders, they have also taken a much greater share of the pot set aside for rank-and-file Republicans than have senior Democrats. As a result, some on the Hill are grumbling privately that GOP appropriators are “not only the kings of pork, they’re outright hogs,” in the words of one Senate Republican aide.