Who Got Accelerated Training for a Badge and a Gun?

In reading Total Buzz over the weekend the the LA Times piece on Don Haidl this morning, it appears that an accelerated training course for political supporters of Sheriff Carona was design to get them a badge and a gun without the rigors of the regular training program.

This from the Register’s Rachanee Srisavasdi:

“The sheriff’s reserve program, which is now in good standing, has drawn scrutiny in the past from the state’s Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training, which decertified some reservists because of their lack of training and experience.
Carona, in prior media reports, has denied giving badges and guns as political favors to reserve deputies.” 

Is there some sort of list that exists of political supporters who received accelerated training through the sheriff’s reserve program?  I’d like to see the names.  Who’s on the list and do they deserve to be.