What Do YOU Think About UCI’s Climate Research Program?

“The people we have hired provide a core that will explore both past records of abrupt climate change and investigate key processes that are likely to be involved in future climate shifts.” 

That was Susan Trumbore, Chairwoman of UCI’s Earth Systems Science Department, talking to The Register about the five new scientists hired to study our changing climate. Three of the new scientists specialize in studying continental ice sheets, while the other two examine how changes in the ice sheets and glaciers ice can affect such things as wind and ocean circulation patterns, and all of them specialize in studying abrupt climate change. They will all be looking into the great melting ice sheets and how they may pose a major threat in terms of a rising sea level.

Wow. Doesn’t that sound interesting? What do YOU think about the new hires at UCI? Are you looking forward to hearing about what they learn about our changing climate? Do you think their research will help us as we think of policy solutions to what is rapidly becoming a climate crisis?

I want to hear what you have to say about UCI’s expansing research program on climate change. Are you glad to see one of our local higher institutions of learning take climate change so seriously? Go ahead. Make my day. Have your say. 🙂