Flash Report’s Thanksgiving Post: A Visit from Captain Obvious

My wife is back from a six week business trip to China and still battling jet lag, so I haven’t even turned on the PC until this afternoon.  I strolled over to the Blog sites and actualy read Jon Fleischman’s Thanksgiving Post twice.

Read it here. Its a screed against a disgraced and convicted Republican, former Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham.  Reading how betrayed Jon feels about the criminal actions of this crooks make you think you’re reading a LIBERAL blog for a second.  I guess it was the wine talking.

How odd for Jon to pen such a late timed ditty on the Dukester.  Still not a peep about Sheriff Carona’s federal indictment on corruption charges.  And this from someone who still defends Rep. Doolittle, someone still connected to Jack Abramoff. Hasn’t Flash been paying attention to all of the other Republican scandals out there for the pastcouple of years?  I really don’t think I’m being too harsh on Jon given he views anyone left of center as “the forces of evil.”  But Cunningham, Doolitte, Carona…might make someone want to reconsider where the Dark Side really is?

So should Sheriff Carona be found guilty on charges, I wonder if, on some other holiday, Job taps out a similar screed against the Sheriff he so admired.