Elect a Mayor, Not a Class President

City elections are not a race for student council; unlike the 2006 race, when upstart John Duong entered just before the bell and Frank Mickadeit’s column on him scared away other Republicans, the two lead candidates for Mayor have made this race a known matchup for several weeks now.

Council member Christina Shea will face off against council member Sukhee Kang.  Sukhee is kicking off his campaign in style; I received this from Irvine Mayor Beth Krom:


Dear Friends,

As you may know, term limits will require me to step down as Mayor of Irvine at the end of 2008. While I plan to run for City Council, it is very important to me that we continue to have positive leadership in the Mayor’s office.  There is only one candidate for Mayor of Irvine who has my confidence and my support…Sukhee Kang.

Sukhee has distinguished himself as a dedicated public official. From enhancing support for local schools and expanding environmental stewardship efforts..to his strong business credentials and unwavering support for public safety, I know Sukhee will keep Irvine moving forward and continue the legacy of active community leadership.

The first campaign filing will come at the end of this year and, with your help and support, Sukhee will demonstrate that he is truly the candidate the citizens stand behind. Please join me in supporting Sukhee at the highest level you can (The maximum contribution per person or business in the 2008 Irvine election is $410. Couples may contribute up to $820 from a joint personal checking account with both signatures on the check).

I look forward to seeing you on November 28th — Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!