E-Board UPDATE: Second Attempt at Dianne Feinstein Censure FAILS

Sorry for another quick update, but I do want to keep you updated on what’s happening here at the CDP E-Board. A few Progressive Caucus members have just tried to suspend the rules to allow a floor vote on censuring Dianne Feinstein for her pro-Bush votes in the US Senate. They asked to suspend, but a strong majority of E-Board members voted AGAINST suspending rules to allow a vote to censure Feinstein.

So stick a fork in the censure movement now. There will be NO official condemnation of Dianne Feinstein coming out of the California Democratic Party. Perhaps Dianne Feinstein can breathe a little easier now, and progressive activists will have to try a new strategy to get to Feinstein.

Stay tuned here at The Liberal OC for more updates on the E-Board…