Resolutions Committee Begins… With a Bang On Feinstein & Prop 92

The California Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting is in full swing now. I’m at the Resolutions Committee right now, and the committee has begun to discuss endorsing ballot initiatives. The room is now calm, but that wasn’t the case 15 minutes ago.

Julia Rosen and Eden James, from Courage Campaign, came in with a large chart displaying all the clubs and organizations supporting censure of Sen. Dianne Feinstein. They wanted to display the chart in the front of the room, and Committee Chairs Inola Henry and John Hanna (yes, our John Hanna from OC) said there wasn’t room for that chart. Julia and Eden set up their display anyways, and a shouting match ensued. Once John Hanna threatened to call hotel security, and the chart was taken down.

Now, there’s a debate on Prop 92, the initiative that would prevent future fee hikes for community colleges and ensure a revenue stream for community colleges. The CA Teachers’ Association opposes it, as they think this may take money from K-12 public schools. On the other hand, Young Democrats and community college advocates support Prop 92, as the initiative would help students.

Debate now continues on Prop 92. Stay tuned here at The Liberal OC for updates on initiative endorsements and the Dianne Feinstein Censure Resolution.

UPDATE: The committee is recommending a NEUTRAL position on Prop 92. The Resolutions Committee is recommending no position on the community college resolution.