Live From Today’s Democratic Party E-Board Meeting

OK, I just arrived at the Anaheim Sheraton, and I’m starting to find my way around the E-Board Meeting. I just finished listening to Elizabeth Kucinich here in the General Session, and she made a pretty good case for her husband. I’m also trying to figure out where to go once lunch begins, and before the much anticipated Resolutions Committee begins at 3:00 PM.

So what will happen regarding that Censure Resolution? Stay tuned here at The Liberal OC for all the Feinstein News out of the meeting. Also, I’ll try to update you on other resolutions (including endorsements of ballot initiatives) that come out of committee today.

Also, I’ll do my best to come back tomorrow to find out what passes the entire executive board tomorrow. I guess I should start thinking about lunch now. And once I’m done eating, I’ll start working.

After all, we all deserve to know what happens with OUR Democratic Party. 🙂