Sheriff Carona speaks to Full Disclosure Network

H/T to Tin Star Blog.

Shortly after the federal indictment was made public, Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona took a sixty day leave of absence from his office to focus his attention to preparing and assisting with his defense.

Sheriff Carona gave an in depth interview about his decision to temporarily leave the day-to-day duties to his command staff and the surrounding firestorm to Emmy Award winning producer and host Leslie Dutton of the Full Disclosure Network.

“Full Disclosure Network® cable and Internet television programs are hosted by Leslie Dutton and billed as “the news behind the news” for the past fifteen years. The programs feature local, state and national law enforcement officials, civic leaders and experts and activists and provide information on critical issues that often to do not get covered in-depth on commercial television.”

The full interview of Sheriff Carona will be released in a few days, by the Full Disclosure Network to 45 cable systems and the Internet (the website has a list of stations and times of broadcasts).

There is a short cut of the interview posted on the Full Disclosure Network Blog that can be viewed by following this link.