Highlights of Pelosi’s Bipartisan bill on Military Readiness

The bipartisan Department of Defense Appropriations bill strengthens America’s military by:

  • Investing in equipment, training and cutting-edge weaponry, including body armor and vehicles proven to save lives in Iraq;
  • Restoring depleted equipment for the National Guard and Reserves;
  • Funding a larger pay raise (3.5 percent) for our troops than the President requested; and
  • Strengthening health care for our wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The legislation also includes a Continuing Resolution to Fund the federal government through December 14 at the FY 2007 spending level. 
  • The legislation will increase funding to the President’s requested levels for the Department of Veterans Affairs, providing the President’s $2.9 billion increase, but still $3.7 billion below the historic level that Congress is fighting for;
  • Continue a temporary extension of the children’s health insurance program (SCHIP), through December 14.   Democrats continue to negotiate with Republicans to come to an agreement to provide health care coverage to 10 million American children.