Don’t put a condom there!


Student journalists collaborated with the student health center at Cal State Fullerton to market a special condom-stuffed issue of The Daily Titan on November 14th that they promoted using a stick-figure poster to encourage Titans to have safe sex. 

CSUF students will only be receiving news when they open up the paper on the 14th thanks to Prudy McPrude (also known as Dean of Students Bob Palmer). From the Orange County Register:

“If I’m picking up a paper to read it, I would not necessarily want to have a condom there,” Palmer said. “You know how newspapers are; we would probably have condoms out all over campus.”

Student journalists were angered that the student health center of the 37,000-student campus had backed off from the plan.

Executive editor Ian Hamilton said the condom plan was the brainchild of the paper’s advertising sales director, Stephanie Birditt, who approached the student health center at the beginning of the semester.

The health center agreed to provide the condoms if the newspaper would pay to promote the giveaway, Hamilton said.

“We started promoting the event about a week ago, and then they had a problem with our sign,” Hamilton said, about campus posters that showed a pair of stick figures lying together, with one on top.

“They had a complaint it was pornographic,” Hamilton said. “Soon after that, they raised other concerns and pulled out of (the giveaway). So now they are going to offer coupons in the paper.”

Hamilton said he doubts many students will use the coupons, which could be redeemed for free condoms at the student health center.

“It will just mean more students are likely to get pregnant or contract a disease because everyone will be too embarrassed or forget,” Hamilton said. He added that the Daily Titan spent about $700 or $800 promoting the giveaway.

A Nov. 1 editorial in the paper noted that the allegedly offensive poster bore “the same stamp of approval from the Dean of Students office that every other piece of ‘free speech’ on campus has.”

Palmer said he’s not opposed to giving away condoms as part of a safe sex campaign. “Just not in the newspaper,” he said.

Do you believe that a coupon for a free condom will have the same results as a free condom (forgive the pun) insert?

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  2 comments for “Don’t put a condom there!

  1. Anonymous
    November 7, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    Those signs are discriminatory and heterosexual-centric. Where are the signs depicting man-on-man sex? I was going to demand woman-on-woman signs but I guess that doesn’t make a lot of sense given the condom promotion but if you use your imagination, I’m sure you could come up with some ideas.

  2. November 7, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    I saw the stick figures as non-gender specific and kind of liked that.
    Where do you see that it’s a hetero couple? I’m looking closely and can’t find evidence of that.

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